Who we are

About the Fund

The current concept of the African Culture Fund was launched in June 2017 in Seychelles by great African visual artists during the international workshop of artistic creations initiated by the 2015-2017 Steering Committee of the Pan-African network, Arterial Network.

The African Culture Fund is a pan-African organization officially registered in the Republic of Mali with which it has established a headquarters agreement. It aims to support the sectors of arts education and cultural and creative industries of African countries and the African diaspora.

It is a fund created as an independent, non-profit trust to obtain the best tax benefits and advantages in the African country where it is founded and registered.

The particularity of the Fund is that African artists, all disciplines combined, are its first contributors, guaranteeing the necessary autonomy to professionalize and develop the cultural and creative African sector.

The Fund’s administration is based in Bamako, Mali. The Fund’s services cover the entire African continent. Members of the African diaspora can be supported, as long as the lead applicant is based in Africa

Vision of the Fund

The vision of the Fund is to ensure the prosperity of the creative sector through the professionalization of artists and cultural actors. It is bold, inclusive and accessible for all African regions.

Missions of the Fund

The mission’s Fund is to encourage creativity, production and professionalization across the entire creative and cultural industries value chain thereby contributing to ensure access to decent jobs and improving the living conditions of artists, professionals and their immediate environment sustainably. These missions will be fulfilled while upholding the principles of fundamental rights and freedoms, cultural diversity, equity and social justice.

Specifically it is about: (i) promoting and supporting cultural creativity and capacity building of actors, (ii) promoting cultural entrepreneurship and artistic production, (iii) encouraging the circulation and distribution of African cultural goods and services, (iv) improving the working conditions and revenues as well as defend the rights of artists and creative practitioners on the African continent.


The Fund’s objectives are among others:

  • To fund cultural and creative projects through calls for proposals;
  • To mobilize funds for the structuring and professionalization of the cultural and creative African sector;
  • To ensure visibility and connection between donors and artists;
  • To allow an equitable and sustainable distribution of resources for the benefit of cultural and creative sector actors throughout the African continent.

Target Groups

The African Culture Fund targets the following groups: individuals with artistic vocations, cultural promoters, professional artists, companies, and experts, arts training institutions, cultural actors’ organizations.