Resources of the Fund

The African Culture Fund encourages African cultural actors to mobilize and participate. It also invites State and international institutions to contribute to the Fund. The Fund shall thus conduct the following activities:

  • Collect, exhibit and sell works of art to arts celebrities and collectors on the continent
  • Source funds from private sector companies in Africa and from multinationals established on African soil
  • Source out funds from the African diaspora
  • Invite honorary chairpersons from the arts sector to bequeath some of their heritage to the Fund
  • Raise funds from African regional and national institutions
  • Raise funds from international institutions and organizations
  • Sign partnership agreements with other high level African Funds and African Sports Institutions and events on the African continent
  • Organizing income-generating activities with an “African Culture Fund Brand”
  • Making several investments whose proceeds will be earmarked for the Fund

Managing Funds on behalf of donors, companies and individuals irrespective of whether the funds are included in the Fund’s own resources or managed as separate entities bearing their bearers’ names and/or brands.

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