Message of the Chairperson of the Fund

The African Culture Fund is an idea whose time has come…

The African Culture Fund has long been an idea nurtured by actors and partners from the cultural and creative sector in Africa, but that has finally turned into reality.

It is a struggle for the financial empowerment of cultural, creative and scientific institutions in Africa and its diaspora.

This new concept of the African Culture Fund is to the credit of great visual artists from the continent who understood the issue and felt the time to move towards the empowerment of the African cultural and creative sector. The Fund’s challenge is to be able to support the various needs for the professionalization of the sector, at all levels of the value chain of the different sectors of the cultural and creative industries, vectors of economic, social and human development.

Thus as a reaction to the common will of artists, cultural actors and financial partners, the creation of the African Culture Fund is a key project that not only intervenes in the context of the African cultural renaissance first to mobilize African resources for the professionalization of the cultural sector, but also which contributes, beyond the objective of stimulating artistic creation, production and dissemination, to socio-economic development and the promotion of cultural rights, freedom of expression and cultural diversity through the support of committed artists who, with their imagination, create conditions for behavioral change, social progress, the promotion of democracy and human rights.

The Fund aims to contribute to the writing and establishment of new narratives for positive social change and transformation in Africa through creative and innovative projects that it finances.

On this occasion, I would like to thank artists, cultural actors and partners for the trust and support in establishing the African Culture Fund.

Mamou Daffe