General conditions of eligibility of the funding requests

Eligibility of applicants

To be eligible, applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Being an African artist or cultural actor or from the African Diaspora, an artistic or cultural organization or association established in Africa or cooperating on African projects with at least one African organization and having at least three years of experience;
  • Having a local or being a member of an artistic or cultural organization or association;
  • Having a legal status (organization);
  • Possessing a moral guarantee (see certificate of sponsorship);
  • Presenting a structuring project in response to a call for projects.

ACF does not accept applications submitted by:

  • members of the board of directors, their business partners or members of their family
  • ACF staff members, business partners or family members.
  • the members of the award committee for the current year.

Type of activities and eligible projects

For this first call, the Fund supports activities and projects in the Visual Arts field.

This call therefore concerns activities and projects for the creation, production and dissemination of works of visual arts. This call concerns traditional visual arts, photography, video art, digital art, decorative arts (textile art, design, marquetry …), etc.

This call covers all countries of the African continent.

For any request made in relation with this call, the maximum budget is US $ 10,000. Projects must be completed over a period not exceeding 18 months.

ACF does not grant mobility grants. However, travel expenses may be covered when they are part of the implementation of a project.

Procedure for selecting applications

The applications’ selection procedure consists of five (05) steps:

  • Registration and filing of applications;
  • Administrative review of applications;
  • Evaluation by the award committee;
  • Approval of the list of selected projects;
  • Approval of allocation of funding.

Applications are evaluated by an independent selection committee made up of professionals working in the African cultural sector and knowing the artistic realities in the different African regions.

Criteria for evaluating applications

The committee evaluates the applications according to five (05) criteria:

  1. The originality of the project or concept;
  2. Innovation / creativity of the project or concept;
  3. The technical quality of the project;
  4. The financial quality of the project;
  5. Relevance / sustainability of the project or concept to the African or regional context.

Contract and Funding Modality

The Fund will sign a contract with the grant beneficiary which will include information on the activities to be carried out, the value of the contract, the terms of payment and the reports.

Projects that are approved are funded in two (02) installments:

  • 80% of the grant, when signing the contract (pre-financing);
  • 20% of the grant, at the end of the project and upon presentation and approval of the reports (balance).

ACF is not obliged to cover the total amount of the requested grant.

Indicative timetable

Activities Deadline
Start of the announcement October 5, 2018
Deadline for requests for clarification October 31, 2018
Last date when clarification is given by the Fund November 15, 2018
Deadline for submission of proposals December 5, 2018
Announcement of the results of the jury’s evaluation of the applications February 3, 2019
Notification of grant allocations February 18, 2019
Signature of contracts Beginning of March 2019


How to apply

Applications should include the following attachments:

  • The completed application form (in Word or PDF format)
  • CV (in Word or PDF format) or references of the candidate
  • Cover letter

The deadline for submitting proposals is 05 December 2018 at midnight GMT.

Applications must be submitted in English or French.

Applications sent by post will not be accepted.

The applicant will receive an automatic acknowledgment email once the application has been received. Applicants are invited to provide all requested documents, ACF will not contact applicants if part of their application is incomplete.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

The results will be posted on ACF’s website and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

Applicants must complete a funding application form. It should be downloaded from the ACF website by clicking here.

Applications must be sent by e-mail to the following address: