Abdoulaye KONATE ( MALI )

Abdoulaye Konaté studied visual arts at the National Arts Institute in Bamako and then at the Higher Institute of Art in Havana (Cuba). Konaté is moving towards a re-appropriation of endogenous plastic resources. He uses materials such as textiles, eggs, sand. By inserting objects like gray-gray, bullets and used clothes, he endows his paintings with a third dimension: that of depth. Abdoulaye Konaté’s themes are inspired by geopolitical news. His work questions the problems of racism, political corruption, ethnic and religious conflicts. The artist has exhibited all over the world and in the world’s biggest biennials, including the current edition of the Venice Biennale. His works are also shown at “Metropolis Africa Capitals” at the Grand Halles de la Villette (2017). In 2016, Abdoulaye Konaté exhibited at the Arken Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark. Abdoulaye lives and works in Bamako.