The African Culture Fund is a transnational and continental fund established to support Africa’s arts and culture sectors

The absence of adapted mechanisms with adequate resources to fund projects by African artists and cultural entrepreneurs is one of the major challenges undermining the development of the cultural sector across the continent. Private sector investment in the culture sector remains very limited.

Several African States made efforts to raise the budgets for culture, growing opportunities for arts and culture funding (foundations, international organizations, etc.). However, these funding sources are very fluctuating, arbitrary and scattered. This situation makes Culture funding very complex both for financial partners and project owners. The establishment of a continental fund for Arts and Culture is therefore a priority.

In its new drive focused on repositioning and professionalizing the network, Arterial Network’s 2015-2017 Steering Committee has decided to initiate the project of the African Culture Fund. The set objective is to support the sector at every step of the value chain in the various Conscious of the current changes happening on the continent, the Fund will target the creative sector in its diversity, with a special focus on the youth and women.

Born of a shared desire among artists, entrepreneurs and funders, the establishment of the African Culture Fund is a vital project which will contribute, beyond stimulating creation, to the economic development and promotion of cultural rights and cultural diversity in Africa.