Engaged artists who no longer want the young artists of today to live what they have experienced in the past agree to make their contributions to the constitution and operationalization of the Fund.

List of donors of the Fund

Mr. Abdoulaye Konaté Mali
Mr. George Camille Seychelles
Mr.Wadi Mhiri Tunisia
Mrs. Houda Gborbel Tunisia
Mr. Soly Cissé Senegal
Mrs. & Mr. Dany Leriche & Jean-Michel Fickinger France
Mr. Ludovic Fadario Benin
Mrs. Daphné Bitchatch France
Mr. Siriki Ky Burkina Faso
Mrs. Mouna Jemal Siala Tunisia
Mr. Nu Barreto Guinea Bissau
M. Dominic Benhura Zimbabwe
Mr. Philippe Dodard Haiti
Mr. Amadou Sanago Mali
Mr. Kossi Assou Togo
Mrs. Mathilde Moreau Côte d’Ivoire
Mrs. Edwige Aplogan Benin
Mr. Salif Diabagaté Côte d’Ivoire
Mr. Abel Brutus Haiti
Mr. Souleymane Ouologuem Mali
Mr. Viyé Diba Senegal
Mr. Mamou Daffé Mali